Pam Hansen Photography

Hi, come on in! This is a place to play, explore, and have fun! You get to be the star of the show today. We are going to document YOU- freeze time and capture all of your precious, unique smiles, surprises, ooohs, and awwws, because at your age, change occurs so fast and before we know it, you are all grown up! Most importantly, we are going to explore your photo shoot at a child's pace...your pace! And, trust me, as a Mommy to active, expressive, never-predictable boy/girl twins, I know how one minute you might feel silly and giggly, laughing until tears come out, and the next shy and maybe tired with great big, salty, teardrops rolling down your pillowy cheeks, piling on the ground in big, duck puddles...and, oh, what's that? Did I see a tiny s-m-i-l-e sneak out? Wait, *click* I got it - now that may just be the most precious photo of the day!

I hope to see you soon,

Pam Hansen